Newland Communities, private developer of a 4,700-acre residential and commercial planned community in east Pierce County, celebrated today the completion of a $7.7 million street extension near Bonney Lake to help ease local traffic.

Officials of Pierce County and the City of Bonney Lake joined as the extension creates a new alternative access to state Highway 410 from Tehaleh with its current 1,600 residents and nearby neighborhoods.

“Roads and traffic don’t stop at the city limits,” added Bonney Lake Mayor Neil Johnson. “As Tehaleh’s nearest neighbor, we’re working closely with Newland and the county to address traffic and maintain the great lifestyle we enjoy on the plateau.”

The developer has contributed $11.8 million to road projects in Bonney Lake and Pierce County and will spend an additional $11.7 million for traffic mitigation by 2019 for the first phase of Tehaleh.

“We’re building a new community over the next 20 years in one of the fastest-growing areas of the state. With that comes the need for infrastructure improvements,” explained Scott Jones, senior vice president of Newland Communities.