The Lacey Walmart neighborhood will soon see a new type of health care technology, if things fall into place this week.

And that technology, courtesy of New Leaf Hyperbaric Therapy, is catching on like wildfire all over the Puget Sound area.

“We’re still in negotiations on tenant improvements and the finer details,” said New Leaf co-owner Cat Redinbo, regarding the leasing process. Although she declined to release the new locale until the deal is done, she said that it will be up and running by mid-August.

The company, which already has a Gig Harbor office and opened another in Tacoma last year, provides mild hyperbaric therapy, which takes clients through an extended session in an enclosed oxygen chamber. The process, which began in Europe, is growing in popularity with everyone from professional athletes to those seeking relief from stroke, multiple sclerosis, autism symptoms and other ailments.

According to OxyHealth in California, the company that manufactures the chambers, the process of hyper-oxygenating patients helps cells heal more quickly.

Those in this region seem to agree. Not only has New Leaf picked up contracts with major sports outfits like the U.S. Water Polo Association, but it has significantly ramped up its rental business to chiropractors, naturopaths and others on the ‘natural health’ side of the medical industry.

“We’re kind of a pharma-led nation, so when you bring in something more holistic, you generally find less support,” explained Redinbo. “But now that we’re in our 14th year, we’re finding ourselves at that point chiropractors and acupuncturists did, where people are finding out that this isn’t snake oil.”

Business at the Tacoma office tells that story already. In the first year, the company has expanded from two to five chambers, and the employee count has jumped from two to 11.

It’s also been good for other health-oriented companies in the South Sound with which New Leaf does business.

“We certainly keep the American Medical Society in good stead with our purchases there,” said Redinbo.

With more than 10,000 chambers sold in recent years by OxyHealth alone, Redinbo said that hyperbaric therapy should grow at a fast clip at the Lacey office as well.

“We’ll start with two chambers and probably fairly rapidly roll to seven,” she said. “People seeing success cases with autism, MS, ADD, Alzheimer’s and strokes � because we’re actually treating your cells. People are realizing that whatever started falling apart will begin to work better.”