State employment reports out today acknowledged a net 2,500 jobs gained in Washington during June, with the unemployment rate holding firm at 4.5 percent without regard to seasonal adjustments.

Over last month, unspecified Government hiring led the pace with 2,800 net jobs filled, followed by Wholesale Trade with 2,000 and Other Services contributing 1,900 new positions.

At the same time, Education jobs dropped by 2,900 as schools let out for the summer. Retail Trade employers trimmed 2,700 positions, while another 2,600 other jobs disappeared from Education and Health Services, again likely seasonal adjustments.

Within Pierce County, an added 2,976 jobs were filled in June, compared to May 2016. There were still 21,105 persons unemployed. Thurston County 613 more residents were working, with 6,254 on the unemployed tally.

In Shelton and the rest of Mason County, 276 positions were filled last month, while the unemployment total fell by 58. Lewis County’s June employment total was off by 25 from the prior month, but the unemployment count dropped by 74 as the number of available persons in the labor force declined.

You can access the full report, with downloadable historical tables for each county dating back to 1990, is at this link. Look for Historical estimates spreadsheet.