BBQ2U, a new Central Texas-style barbecue restaurant, is set to open on March 2, 2018 in Gig Harbor, The News Tribune has reported.

The restaurant’s owner is Texas-native Gary Parker, who since moving to Gig Harbor 20 years ago, has had difficulty finding good barbecue.

At BBQ2U, Parker will use a self-contained smoker to make his simple Central Texas-style brisket rubbed with salt and pepper. Also on the menu will be items inspired by other parts of the country, like St. Louis cut ribs and Carolina pulled pork.

The restaurant will serve chicken, turkey, fried okra, beans, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, banana pudding, and other items.

Meat-by-the-pound options will run from $8 to $20. One-meat combination plates with two sides will cost $11 to $12. Sandwiches will cost $6 to $9. As for beverages, BBQ2U will serve tea, fountain drinks, and bottled beer.

BBQ2U is located at 4814 Point Fosdick Drive Northwest, across the street from Uptown Gig Harbor.