Xpress Natural Gas, whose compressed natural gas facility set up shop at Satsop Business Park in Grays Harbor County last fall, is already looking to expand.

“We’re taking calls on a regular basis and I think that will increase as people become aware of what we’re doing and the money we can save them,” said Matt Smith, XNG’s executive vice president of sales and marketing.  “We’re in discussions with more than a dozen companies or institutions about setting up for our gas services in the next 12 months.”

XNG, based in Boston, delivers compressed natural gas to large customers who don’t have access to a natural gas pipeline. Previously, those customers have been on the other side of the country, but when the Port Townsend Paper Corporation converted its plant from oil to natural gas, it signed on as XNG’s anchor customer in Washington.

XNG invested $6 million to build the first compressed natural gas plant in the state, as well as to purchase eight trucks to service its customers. A statement from the company touted Satsop Business Park’s ideal location and infrastructure for its needs, as well as cooperation from Port of Grays Harbor to help get the facility set up.

Grays Harbor, per Smith, is a perfect launchpad for XNG’s Washington expansion goals.

 “We’re in the business of bringing natural gas to businesses that either don’t have access to gas or can’t get enough for what they do,” he explained. “When you are in the transportation business, you look for people who are having trouble getting a gas line because of remoteness or terrain and the Olympic Peninsula is that kind of market.”