Mount Rainier National Park is open for visitors today, after last night’s resolution of the federal government shutdown in the nation’s capital.

Main access roads are open with limited services while operations are brought back on-line. The Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise is now open on weekends and holidays and the Carbon River Ranger Station is now open.

Services such as food and lodging are available in communities outside the park. The economic impact of closing this park for 16 days has been extremely tough on gateway communities, local businesses, neighbors, and park partners, according to a park service release today.

“We are relieved and extremely pleased to open the park and invite people to experience and enjoy Mount Rainier,” stated Superintendent Randy King. “We are happy to be back at work serving the American people and welcoming visitors to their national parks!”

A recent report estimates that Mt. Rainier National Park visitors spend over $33,000,000 and support over 450 local jobs outside the park.