Alliance Enterprises Inc. was recognized this week by Microsoft for delivering technology solutions that have positively changed the vocational rehabilitation (VR) industry.

The DuPont-based technology company won Microsoft's 2017 State and Local Government Digital Transformation Partner of the Year award. Last year, it was named Microsoft Rising Star Partner of the Year in the same sector for significantly growing its cloud services business.

“In the years ahead, we look forward to partnering with Microsoft to further transform how the 60 million Americans with disabilities are served in the vocational rehabilitation industry,” said Alliance Chief Technology Officer, Sven Akerman Jr. 

Alliance has equipped 38 VR state agencies and 23 tribal nation customers across the U.S. to better serve people with disabilities. The company's cloud services and market-leading case management software, Aware, is used by 12,000 counselors at VR agencies, helping more than 500,000 individuals with disabilities find and maintain meaningful employment each year.