The state Department of Health has charged Lakewood’s Biltmore Motel with several health violations, alleging inadequate fire protection and other problems.

The City of Lakewood has shut off the motel’s natural gas and electric supply and posted “no occupancy” notices.

According to Gary Bennett, director of the agency’s Facilities and Services Licensing Program, Department of Health is working towards taking the motel’s license away and issuing a fine.

Although the motel was closed by the city, its license remains intact until the state can present sufficient evidence at a hearing in order to revoke its license.

“People staying at a motel in Washington should have safe, clean shelter,” says Bennett. “Conditions at Biltmore aren’t safe or clean. We are working to revoke their license to protect public safety.”

The charges against the Biltmore include:

Violating numerous fire codes.

Smoke detectors in two rooms that did not work.

No heat or hot water.

Standing wastewater and a strong sewage odor.

General dirtiness and disrepair.

Numerous holes in building walls that could be used by rodents.

Officials of the Biltmore could not be reached for comment.