An estimated 9,000 households in Pierce County and more in other South Sound communities may be eligible for subsidized high-speed internet services under a Comcast program announced today by U.S. Housing and Urban Development.

Public housing and HUD-assisted residents living in Comcast’s service area are eligible to apply for Internet Essentials, the company’s program for low-income families. The effort seeks to “build a bridge to help more Americans cross the digital divide.”

Walter Neary, a regional spokesman for Comcast, said up to 6,000 households in Tacoma, including any Section 8 projects, will be among about 75,000 in Washington state that will be eligible for high-speed connectivity starting at $9.95 per month. The program has no  credit check or installation fee and in-home WiFi is included. It also had a low-cost computer available with Microsoft Office software and a 90-day warranty for $149.99 plus tax.

Details are at this link.