If small business owners could receive one gift this holiday season, a majority say it would be more sales for their business. Dedicating more time to sales and marketing efforts is also the top New Year’s resolution for the small businesses, according to a survey from TD Bank.

The survey asked for respondents for items on this year’s holiday wish list, and 61 percent of small business owners said that increased sales would be the highest item. Other wishes included eliminating debt (13 percent), raises or bonuses for current employees (11 percent), new equipment or software (6 percent), more employees (5 percent), and a new or larger facility (4 percent). Only 1 percent of respondents said a raise or bonus for themselves would top their holiday wish list.

Along with top holiday wishes, the survey also asked small business owners to identify their top New Year’s resolution for 2012. Twenty-six percent of respondents said spending more time on sales and marketing would be their top resolution – slightly more than eliminating company debt (22 percent).

The remaining resolutions included improving cash flow (16 percent), developing a better business plan (13 percent), maintaining or increasing staffing levels (9 percent), working shorter hours (8 percent) and relying more on employees to handle daily operations (6 percent).