Sound Transit is adding two new roundtrips to its south line Sounder service between Lakewood and Seattle beginning Monday, Sept. 25, bringing more choices, more capacity and more frequent departures.

With the addition of these two trains, there will be 13 daily roundtrips on the Sounder south line through South King and Pierce counties. During peak hours, they will arrive as often as every 20 minutes.

In the morning peak, an additional train will run between the first Lakewood departure at 4:36 a.m. and the current 5:45 a.m. departure. This additional trip will help ease congestion on the line’s most crowded trains.

In the afternoon, the new schedule will provide earlier service to Lakewood during the traditional peak, and reduce the gap between first and second trains to 40 minutes. To enable this earlier departure, the 2:35 p.m. southbound train will terminate in Tacoma, with connecting express bus service from Puyallup to Lakewood.

The last evening southbound trip will depart King Street Station 10 minutes later than the current schedule at 6:30 p.m.

Additionally, a third reverse-peak roundtrip will be added, allowing late morning travel to Tacoma and early afternoon travel to Seattle. To add capacity for the popular mid-day train that launched last September, additional cars will be added.

The new schedule and more details for the late September added routes is at this link.