The Aerie Crest housing development on 25th Avenue Court off Milton Way in Milton has been on the drawing board for almost five years.

Three owners later, though, the plan to build more than a dozen single family residences on three tax parcels over 4.8 acres seems to finally be picking up.

Highmark Homes purchased the property from a couple earlier this year for an undisclosed price and will move forward with original plans for the subdivision, said Robert Trivitt, project manager and engineer at Azure Green Consultants.

His Puyallup-based firm has been involved in the project since fall 2008, after the owner at the time received preliminary plat approval for the development from the city.

That owner got engineering plans for the sewer ready to approve by the county and made considerable headway on road and stormwater plans, but was forced to put the project on hold during the depths of the economic downturn.

“It's easy to see why that wasn't an attractive project as time went by,” said Trivitt. “Land values, house value probably fell by 30 or 40 percent. This particular project is a little more expensive, because we have this long, several hundred foot access road to get to Milton Road from where this lot will be.”

Now, though, with the housing boom and a certain percentage of the development's soft costs already paid, it's looking much more desirable, he said, noting most of his company's projects are in a similar state, but have been foreclosed.

Construction applications have expired for an odd-shaped plot of land on 25th Avenue Court, so Azure Green and Highmark Homes are resubmitting what was given to the city in 2010, before the first developer abandoned the project.

They are currently updating these submissions, because the city has made improvements to Milton Way in the last three years, which need to be accounted for in the plans regarding access to the main roadway.

Beyond widening and paving the gravel road, Trivitt said there are plans to tear down a garage belonging to an existing Y-shaped house on the property. The house will remain on its lot and 13 or 14 houses will be built on the other 14 lots. One of the lots is zoned for a duplex, but Trivitt couldn't confirm if Highmark Homes had plans to build a multi-family residence there.

“If things go well, we should be able to get permits from the city optimistically in four to six weeks,” Trivitt said in late August. “If they decided to work through the winter, they could have the main site work done by spring and start construction at that time.”