Architecture-loving Tacomans were ecstatic when they heard McMenamins was buying the beloved Elks Lodge building. The thought of the space being restored to its original glory was something locals could get behind. But the project has been slow-going, to say the least.

In fact, by the time the building is slated to open for business in early 2019, it will have been almost a decade since the McMenamin brothers purchased it. The sale of the Elks Lodge closed on October 30, 2009. Unfortunately, permitting issues and a lack of investors stalled the project on multiple occasions. In 2017, McMenamins finally had the plan, permits, and financial backing it needed to go forward with the project.

Not only will the building be rehabbed and restored, it will also showcase a variety of new features. According to the McMenamins website, “The property will include 44 guestrooms with private baths; space for live music, events, weddings and meetings; a ballroom transformed into hotel rooms with terrace views of Puget Sound; three restaurants; a McMenamins brewery; and on-site gardens that will provide the restaurants with fresh, seasonal ingredients.”

“We’re excited to be joining the Tacoma community,” said Renee Rank Ignacio, McMenamins’ marketing director. “We don’t have any new information to share right now but as you’ve seen, construction is definitely in process and everyday things are changing as they start the rehab.”

For more information about the project at 565 Broadway, visit the McMenamins Elks Lodge website.