Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has ordered Dental Health Services, a major dental insurer in the state, to fix its network of providers by Oct. 30.

Kreidler’s action against the Long Beach, Calif.-based company — the second-largest insurer of dental services in Washington — follows an investigation of complaints from enrollees. After reviewing 273 DHS contracts with dentists, Kreidler’s office found a provider network it deemed “currently inadequate to serve patients.”

For one, DHS itself reported in July that eight of 10 contracted dentists were no longer accepting new patients. Also, despite requests from Kreidler’s office, DHS has been unable to provide assurance that it can guarantee access to general dental care for 170 enrollees and specialty care for over 1,400 enrollees.

Overall, DHS has over 52,000 enrollees in Washington, including just over 14,000 signed up through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. It is the largest dental insurer in the Exchange.