The recently approved start for extending light rail transit the 9.7 miles (see map at this link) to the cities of Federal Way, Milton, Fife, Tacoma and the Puyallup Tribe of Indians Reservation from its current end station at Angle Lake, near SeaTac airport. Sound Transit will initiate technical work on the project next year

This project will extend light rail from the Federal Way Transit Center to Tacoma on a primarily elevated guideway with a new rail-only fixed span crossing the Puyallup River. The plan also calls for stations in South Federal Way, Fife and East Tacoma in the vicinity of Portland Avenue, with a terminus station at the Tacoma Dome.

Approved by voters in the ST3 Plan, the representative project  includes two parking garages in South Federal Way and Fife, a pedestrian bridge connecting the Tacoma Dome Station to Freighthouse Square, and a new light rail bridge over the Puyallup River.

More information about the Tacoma Dome Link Extension project, including how to sign up for project updates, is available at