Stepping back a bit from a difficult decision they made (and reported by Daily Biz Briefs) last week, Lewis County commissioners have now agreed to budget for one final year of financial support for five senior centers.

The earlier budget adoption had targeted a June 30, 2017, date to end tax-supported funding for the activity centers and their nutrition programs out of concern that such support might violate the state constitution. 

Commissioners had expected the county could negotiate with non-government groups to take over operation of the centers outside of county ownership. The modification of that direction taken this week extends to a full year the timetable to find those new operators and make the transitions.

Lewis County senior centers will continue to operate through all of next year, while county staff put together an administrative transition plan that involves county oversight.

Four more informational meetings are scheduled, each in one of the senior centers throughout December, with the first one set for 12:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 5, at Twin Cities Senior Center in Chehalis.