Washington residents who purchased electronic devices with LCD screens over an eight year period will start receiving checks in the mail next week from a settlement achieved by the state Attorney General Office, Antitrust Division. A total of $41.1 million is going to 24,632 businesses and consumers in all counties of the state.

On average, each consumer will receive about $203, but the amount claimed will vary by how many and what kind of LCD devices were bought.

For eight years, consumers in the state and throughout the world were significantly overcharged every time they bought a product with a liquid crystal display, or LCD, screen because of a conspiracy by the world’s largest LCD manufacturers.

Rather than participate in a multi-state case, the AG’s office chose to pursue an individual case seeking to get a better deal for Washington consumers. The recovery in the Washington state’s individual lawsuit may be as much as 30 percent higher than what might have been received as part of the larger settlement. 

Consumers who filed a valid claim can expect a check sometime in the next few weeks. Those who filed a deficient claim that did not qualify for payment have already been notified.

In total, checks for more than 1 million items will be mailed: 232,224 televisions, 510,134 monitors, 242,395 notebook computers, 17,343 iPods and 68,227 cell phones.

A breakdown of the number of claims by county is available here. People with questions about their claims should contact AB Data at 866-778-9468 or walcdsettlement@abdata.com.