KNKX — the station formerly known as KPLU — has launched its full rebrand today, unveiling a new suite of logos and branding to reflect its focus on connection.

The station’s emphasis is evident in its call letters (KNKX is shorthand for “connects”), immediately communicating 88.5 FM’s commitment to engaging listeners through storytelling, music and events.

The rebrand also includes the creation of a pyramid that represents the station’s core values, with connection at the center and storytelling, innovation and community as the three points of the pyramid. 

“We wanted to get at the heart of why people cared enough to save the station and then communicate that through our brand,” said KNKX Development Director Mary Dunaway. “Our brand is a tool to tell our story and help guide our decision-making. The next phase of our story will be putting the final touches on our strategic plan and advancing a vision to increase our news, expand our music and proliferate our connection to the community.”