Kent-based online college WGU Washington recently surpassed a big milestone: the issuing of its 10,000th degree.

The distinction of the university’s 10,000th graduate belongs to Rebecca Myers, a Tacoma wife and mother of three who earned a master’s in mathematics education while working full time as a second grade teacher.

“I would read articles and write papers at soccer practice, in the evenings when my kids were in bed, and on the airplane while on vacation,” said Myers. “I even was able to use the computer in my hotel lobby several nights to complete assignments. Now, my degree means a base pay increase in my field regardless of my employer. The math endorsement of my masters allows a competitive edge to future opportunities.”

WGU, created by the state Legislature in 2011 in concert with nationally recognized Western Governor’s University, offers a learning program designed to meet the needs of adult learners. Dubbed “competency-based education,” the program is focused on measuring learning through demonstrating mastery of a subject, as opposed to traditional programs based on time spent in the classroom.

The university collaborates with employers across a variety of industries to develop curriculum that is relevant to its students and their chosen fields.