Due to the recent – and rancorous – implementation of Business and Occupation Taxes in Kent, the City will host a free B&O tax training workshop next week.

“Participants will learn about B&O tax reporting classifications, exemptions, deductions, gross receipts and square footage tax and how to file online,” said City auditor Robert Goehring.  “Besides filing online, we now offer taxpayers the ability to make payments online and set up taxpayer accounts.”

New for third quarter filing, a B&O Tax Return System allows filers to submit B&O tax returns electronically, pay B&O tax via eCheck or credit card, complete and submit previously saved returns and view past returns that were filed online.

“We’re pleased to provide these new options in advance of the October 31 due date for third quarter taxes,” Goehring said.  “In fact, we’re hearing the online system is so much simpler, we’re requiring all business taxes to be filed online.  

More than 200,000 Washington businesses file their taxes online using the Department or Revenues’ E-file system, Goehring added.

The workshop will take place Thursday, September 19, from 9 – 11 a.m. at City Hall. For details, see KentWA.gov/CityTaxes.