Reber Ranch of Kent was recently named 2014 “One to Watch Retailer of the Year” by Pet Product News International, an animal-focused publishing group.

Opening first as an equine boarding stable in 1984 sited on its 46-acre boarding facility, the business has since grown into a feed and supply shop. The Reiber family rebuilt after a 1991 fire destroyed the original store, expanding into the entire 18,000 square-foot barn. 

Today, equine feed, tack and supplies still comprise a large percentage of Reber Ranch’s business. But the retailer also accommodates changing demographics. And as the area has become more urban, dog and cat food, treats and supplies, including toys, beds and leashes, have become equally significant. In addition, small animal and wild bird products, poultry and supplies, apparel, home décor and gift items are in the mix.

“Our mission is to serve all of domesticated pet ownership, with a focus on the horse, canine and feline,” said Bill Greene, general manager. 

Reber Ranch stocks more than 28 brands of premium pet foods and will soon include an on-site veterinary practice. The clinic, with three veterinarians on staff, is slated to open Sept. 1, and will see dogs, cats and small animals.