Yelm’s Ramtha School of Enlightenment is enjoying a legal victory this week, following a decision by Judge Gary Tabor of the Thurston County Superior Court in the lawsuit of JZK Inc. v. Virginia Coverdale.

According information supplied by JZK, Coverdale had agreed as a student in signing Conditions of Participation not to disclose the school's information and techniques. She subsequently posted online a video taken within the program, as well as other proprietary material from the school.

Judge Tabor considered motions for summary judgment filed by each party in the lawsuit and found the defendant had not established the points of law in her favor. As a result, he upheld JZK Inc.’s motion, ending the case and awarding legal fees and costs to the plaintiff.

“I am elated that the Court saw this was a simple case of a breach of contract,” said JZ Knight, President of JZK, Inc.

The Ramtha School was established in 1988 and maintains it is not a religion. It welcomes students to study at the 80-acre Yelm campus as well as through live events and Internet streaming in 10 languages.