An escapee from the broadcasting world, owner and publisher Jeff Rounce entered print journalism with the creation of the Business Examiner in 1985.

It started as a way to find a future beyond his nomadic life of television, which had– taken him through the four Pacific Northwest states and eventually to Tacoma, where he joined The Ten O'Clock News team at KSTW-TV.   With a newly earned MBA from Pacific Lutheran University, the BE was born in June of 1985.

His avoidance of most print journalism classes while studying at Washington State University (instead believing that broadcasting was the future and Newspapers were the past), has made it true to say that everything he learned about the publishing business he learned at the BE.

The earlier years were filled with late nights and long weekends doing everything that was required to produce a bi-weekly business journal. Today, advances in technology and a growing, intelligent team have continued to propel the BE forward (although not necessarily eliminating those late nights and weekends).

Jeff, along his wife and business partner Jill, have seen their three children grow through primary, secondary, high school and public university in Washington.  Still today, they watch over their other baby –– the Business Examiner – — as they continue to work at fostering a thriving, healthy business.  More than just for money, they are extremely proud of what they have created, its acknowledged place in the South Sound marketplace and the wonderful staff members who have been employees over the years.

In a somewhat ironic, coming full circle kind of way, Jeff found himself back in front of the camera for eight years as the co-host of The South Sound Business Report, a joint venture between the BE and KSTW-TV, Seattle. The production of new episodes ended in April 2013, but past episodes are available on YouTube and searchable from the BE website.

A believer that businesspeople need to be contributive participants in their communities, Jeff is a past-president of the Rotary Club of Tacoma #8, a past director of both Tacoma-Pierce County and Olympia-Thurston County Chambers of Commerce and past president of The Tacoma Club. He is also available for speaking opportunities.
If he's not in the office or at a community event, look up in the sky and you might be able to see him flying his yellow Piper Cub airplane over the landscape of the South Sound.

Contact Jeff.
Office: 253-404-0891 x15