It’s becoming tradition this summer that our editorial team skips packing a lunch on Thursday and takes a break to grab lunch at the Broadway Farmers Market in Tacoma.

With a number of food trucks and local stands selling fresh donut holes and homemade popsicles, it’s hard to go wrong, but, now that I’ve decided to get a taste of vegan life, it turns out I actually can go wrong.

I knew steak sandwiches would be out of the question, but I was pleasantly surprised with my options beyond the fresh produce.

I found four vendors — let me know if I missed you — that had at least one vegan item on their menu.

Reciprocity Foods was serving up green and fruit smoothies, Gateway to India had kabuli chana (a garbanzo bean curry), and both Hilltop Pop Shop and Lumpia World had several meals I could choose from.

You may remember that I wrote about the women behind Hilltop Pop Shop — Bridgett Crews and Krista Keithly — who started a commercial kitchen for budding food businesses called Free Range Kitchen. They use the market as a venue for their aspiring food vendors to sell what they’ve been making, which today included a vegan Asian quinoa salad and vegan cheesecake.

It was a tough choice, but I went with the vegetarian lumpia. But, don’t worry, with another month of summer left, I’m sure to make my rounds.

So, vegan or not, what’s your favorite shop to hit at your local market? Are any of you regulars like us?