Semiconductor chip giant Intel has informed the workers at its DuPont facility of its plans to sell the property and enter a leaseback agreement for part of the space.

The company told local employees of its intentions today. The decision to sell the space is not part of a larger real estate strategy by Intel; rather, according to Intel spokesman Jonathan Williams, the DuPont facility was identified specifically by the company as one that could be right-sized.

“It's more unique to this site based on the fact that it has capacity for about 3,000 employees,” Williams said, “but has about 690 employees today.”

The planned leaseback would be for enough space to keep its 310-person server development and validation department in the building; about 350 others, the company said, would be relocated to other sites, and 32 would be laid off.

Those to be laid off will be informed today and will be offered “redeployment,” according to Williams; that option gives an employee a choice of taking an immediate separation or spending the next two months looking for another job either internally or externally.

Those transferred will likely be moved to a facility in Hillsboro, Ore., Williams said.

Layoffs will begin Friday, Nov. 1. Transfers will start Jan. 1, with the deadline for accepting the relocation package set for Jan. 2. Those who will be relocated are to be notified this week.

Williams added that the company does not have a concrete timetable for selling the building.

“The timeline on how quickly (the property) sells is really anybody's guess,” he said. “We've experienced with this in the past, going back a decade or so with sites in Colorado and Utah, where it took about two to three years for the property to sell. We don't anticipate it to sell very, very quickly.”