The Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers in western states fell 1.8 percent by the end of July, but most of that decrease is centered in Southern California.

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Tacoma-Seattle-Bellevue CPI rate was off just 0.4 percent on June 30th, the latest regional statistics available.
In contrast, the corresponding year-over-year drop for Los Angeles-Orange County-Riverside was 2.2 percent at the end of June and down 2.6 percent to July 31st.

The U.S. All City Average change in CPI for end of June was down 1.4 percent.
Much of the downward trend in prices came from a 28.1 percent decline in the energy index since its July 2008 peak. That more than offset increases of 0.9 percent in the food index and 1.5 percent in the index for all items less food and energy.

A separate report noted real average weekly earnings rose by 0.4 percent from June to July after seasonal adjustment, according to preliminary data released today. This increase stemmed from a 0.3 percent increase hourly earnings.