Harmon Brewing Co. is opening a third rendition of The Hub restaurant later this year. This time, in South Hill, located at 214 39th Avenue SW, with a targeted opening date of October.

In a phone interview, founder and owner Pat Nagle said the company was keeping its “ears and eyes” open for a new opportunity to expand outside of Tacoma. Puyallup was under consideration, but not a sure thing, he said.

“There has to be the right location and the right marketplace and the right building. This kind of fit all those parameters,” Nagle said. “We really liked the gentleman, Mike Rubel. We’ve been working with him on the vision of taking a building that is existing and converting it to a Hub concept.”

This will be the third location for the bicycle-themed restaurant, which serves pizza and pasta as well as Harmon’s line of beers, with the other two locations in Tacoma and Gig Harbor. Ambience is key, Nagle said, to create the warm, inviting, family-friendly atmosphere that the restaurant is known for. He is working closely with the property owner to remodel the building to recreate that experience.

Looking at the future, Nagle said there are no immediate plans to open up more Hub locations — though the company is always willing to consider the option. Instead, Harmon Brewing may look at expanding its brewing operations and expand its wholesale business. That would involve finding a larger location in a light industrial-zoned building.

“I would say within a few years, if not sooner, we’ll be in a position to take the next step and increase production,” Nagle said. “I think the craft beer market will continue to grow but generally not at this pace, and I think the market will change at some point. (We want to) keep our brand and our foot in the door with wholesale, since we’re not able to produce more right now. We’re going to wait until we’re in a position where we’re able to build a production facility.”