Health insurance rate requests filed for individual and small employer (1-50 employees) health plans are now public. The complete filings received since July 1, as well as a summary for each request are available at

Several health insurers filed rate requests prior to July 1, but have voluntarily made their filings public. They include: Asuris Northwest Health, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Regence BlueShield. “It was a tough legislative battle, but worth it for consumers,” said Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler. “The public deserves to see what’s behind their increasing health insurance costs. For too long, they’ve had to simply take our word when rates are justified. Now the public can see the same information we see.”

Kreidler proposed the legislation (HB 1220) making health rates public on behalf of all of the consumers who contact his office, demanding to know what’s driving higher health premiums. State law prevented him from sharing the information that insurers submit to justify rate requests – even after the rate was approved.

The new law makes most individual and small employer health insurance rate filings public shortly after they’re received. This includes how much of the requested rate will be spent on medical claims, administrative costs (including executive salaries) and profit.

Also, the public will see if their rate change involves any benefit changes.