The third year of Harborstone’s Pay It Forward promotion led to a $1,000 contribution from the Tacoma credit union to MultiCare’s Tree House.

Tree House, across the street from Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Tacoma General Hospital, offers low-cost or subsidized housing to families who have children or loved ones in the hospital with serious illnesses. It was among the top three vote-getters among 26 potential beneficiary projects posted to Harborstone’s Facebook page last year.

“It was clear from the heartfelt comments that Tree House has truly touched the lives of many families in our community,” says Phil Jones, CEO of Harborstone. “We are honored to support such a worthwhile organization. I’m especially proud of our Member Services staff, who provided additional support to Tree House by volunteering their time and resources.”

Harborstone’s Pay It Forward program uses data from the Credit Union National Association on how much credit unions in Washington save the average member household, then pays that amount forward in a number of creative ways to local charities. The estimated amount for 2016 was $198.