On July 15, 1916, Bill Boeing formally opened up an airplane building business along a waterway in Seattle that has become the largest manufacturer of commercial and defense-related aviation, and space-based operations in the world.

The Boeing Company is celebrating its centennial with a large gala at the Museum of Flight, located on Boeing Field (more precisely, King County Airport) in South Seattle. The observance continues through the weekend primarily for employees, retirees, customers and close business friends.

The is an array of Boeing airplanes dating back nearly 100 years and up to the latest 787 state-of-the-art commercial airliner assembled at the airfield, though it may be difficult for non-invited guests to have access or be able to see them. The museum is closed all weekend for the company’s celebration.

To learn more about these activities, Boeing's centennial and ways to join in the celebration, visit Boeing100.com and search #Boeing100 on Twitter.