Workforce Central (WFC) announced today that the Tacoma organization will reduce staff hours due to the federal government shutdown.

This locally-controlled agency receives 75 percent of its funding for adult and dislocated worker assistance from Congress, which has not yet passed a Fiscal Year 2014 budget.

“We are in uncharted waters, which led to our decision to reduce all management and staff hours starting today,” said Linda Nguyen, WorkForce Central CEO. “This way we can still keep our doors open and continue to serve our customers, though at a much reduced level.”  

While all staff hours will be reduced, they will be staggered to maximize customer service. This plan to reduce hours was voted on and approved by the staff last week.

Office hours will remain the same from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For the week of October 7, all staff hours will be reduced to 32 hours, and then down to 24 hours per week thereafter.

Nguyen said decisions of the organization’s Executive Board and Workforce Development Council to budget conservatively for the last several years has given WFC reserves and carry-over funds that can now be used to continue serving their customers. They will be able keep contractual obligations for up to two months, though at reduced levels.