Businesses and residents in City of Gig Harbor have renewed certainty about the community’s future following full approval for its updated Comprehensive Plan by Puget Sound Regional Council.

The plan supports and implements VISION 2040 and its Regional Growth Strategy. Updating amendments to the 2015 Comp Plan cover Transportation, Non-Motorized Transportation and consistency to the Pierce County Small Cities Growth Reallocation work.

“(City of Gig Harbor staff) worked tirelessly with PSRC to obtain full certification,” says Mayor Jill Guernsey, “and that is something to be proud of.”

Within a mandate from state law, local governments must review and update their comprehensive plan and development regulations every seven years. The work covers urban growth, sprawl reduction, transportation, housing, economic development, property rights, permits and seven other specifics. Gig Harbor chose to also include community design, environment and the Harbor Element.

For additional information about the City of Gig Harbor Comprehensive Plan, visit this website.