At $3.679 a gallon, the national average gas price is 16 cents more than a week ago, according to industry tracking company

That price is also up 7 cents from its last high of $3.686 on March 22, said chief oil analyst Tom Kloza. However, it's still less than this year's February 27 peak of $3.786.

That makes 11 days that the national average has been trending upwards, the longest such streak since May 6 to 22, when prices climbed for 17 days straight.

The median gas price in the U.S. also rose. At $3.619, it's up 12 cents from a week ago, and 33 cents since January.

Roughly 7 percent of the country is priced at over $4.00 per gallon, a jump of 6 percent over last year.