Tacoma’s Hotel Murano has been utilizing social media as another way to interact with its guests since 2008, when it opened downtown.

Staff at the Murano and in the public relations department of its hotel management company, Provenance Hotels, post to its six Tacoma-based accounts daily, but concentrate on where it believes most of its customers are: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

“We’ve always focused on social media as a way to engage with customers and the local community,” said Kate Buska, director of public relations for Provenance Hotels. “It expands our ability to have a conversation beyond just being at the front desk.”

What they publish is really driven by the platform, she said.

“We don’t post the same way,” Buska explained. “We try to really talk to people and share information that’s appropriate for the channel.”

It posts photos it takes on Instagram, and it pins photos from other places and articles about the hotel and the city on Pinterest.
Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are where they publish what’s happening at the hotel and in Tacoma, and any news articles that are written about the hotel. Even though it shares the same subjects on these accounts, it further tailors the post to the platform. Those on Twitter, for example are made shorter and punchier, Buska said.

The hotel also tries to convey some individuality through what it puts out.

“Have it be conversational,” Buska said. “Be listening as much as you’re talking on the channels. Try and show the personal side and the personality of the hotel.”

Although Buska has a team to help share content on the hotel’s different social media accounts, she understands the importance of focusing efforts online.

“If you only have a specific amount of time, think about what channel is best for your business,” she said. “It’s better to have a really engaged Twitter base or to be really engaged on Facebook than have 20 accounts and not check them all.”