Russell/Mellon Analytical Services has announced the creation of a newly integrated line of investment analytic products during its Annual Conference for institutional investors and money managers.

Russell/Mellon, a joint venture between Mellon Trust and the Frank Russell Company, has successfully completed during its first year one of the largest product integration programs in the financial services industry.

This effort allowed Russell and Mellon to combine dual product sets into a single integrated platform, with the result being a product line that employs Mellon’s powerful service platform and Russell’s world renowned methodology for investment analytics.

Culminating an 18-month intensive development effort, the enhanced and expanded product set includes global performance measurement, equity and fixed income analytics, attribution, universe analysis, on-line reporting and Internet data delivery.

“These platform enhancements and our combined product set accentuates our commitment to enhance the investment process of our clients, and positions Russell/Mellon to be the leading provider of performance measurement and analytical services worldwide,” said William C. Pryor, president and CEO of Russell/ Mellon Analytical Services. “Our clients will benefit immediately from enhanced analytical methodologies and will receive incremental product developments and new application offerings quarterly, throughout the next 12 months.”

Announcements at the three-day conference included:

Universe Comparison Services. By combining the historical data of its parent organizations, Russell/Mellon has significantly raised the state of the art in universe comparison services with the launch of Russell/Mellon Trust Universe (RMTU). The product leverages the Internet and utilizes information from a client base representing $2 trillion in performance assets, thousands of institutional portfolios and hundreds of total funds. The RMTU product also is supplemented with the Russell Manager Universes, which includes representative portfolios from thousands of global investment managers. The firm’s universe offerings include performance returns, asset allocation, attribution and manager style comparisons, all available with reporting options including powerful desktop software, on-line reports, and Internet-based universe data delivery.

Risk Management. The joint venture recently completed an upgrade and rollout of its investment and compliance monitoring software, Investment Monitor. This product has been expanded to include a new service that offers clients the ability to outsource components of their risk and compliance monitoring to Russell/Mellon. In addition, a new and tightly integrated Value-at-Risk analysis and reporting capability is available to clients who subscribe.

The latest version of Investment Monitor provides clients with enhanced compliance and monitoring reporting. Investment Monitor 2.0 provides a wealth of new information to allow clients to construct rules and run compliance tests. New features include a built- in library of most commonly run rules.

Finally, their Value at Risk analysis allows clients to examine and analyze investment risk within their portfolios and total fund from both a current and trending perspective. The program calculates value at risk for multiple time periods and confidence intervals.These new and enhanced products and services, many of which were exhibited during the conference, greatly expand the investment and reporting tools available to Russell/Mellon clients. More than 140 clients representing over 95 organizations worldwide attended the Annual Conference, held at the historic Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

Providing analysis tools and support for investment strategies to clients with more than $2 trillion in global assets, Russell/Mellon Analytical Services helps to maximize clients’ return on their investments, minimize risk and streamline reporting in changing and complex global markets. It is one of the world’s largest providers of sophisticated investment analysis tools for global money managers and institutional investors, providing performance measurement, universe comparisons and risk analysis services. The joint venture operates from three principal offices in Boston, Pittsburgh and Tacoma with worldwide servicing agent offices located in Auckland, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dallas, London, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Zurich.