At 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, dozens of local business owners and workers gathered to get a new “cup job” while celebrating the grand opening of Forza’s newest storefront, in Lacey.

Shop owners Tom and Christine Forree treated guests to unique coffee drinks and homemade pies and other treats. Beer and wine will also be served daily, and live music is on tap for most weekend nights.

Besides a regular daily coffee clientele base, the couple is aiming to attract the business community for meetings there, as well as for larger events in the on-site 12-person conference room.

Franchise founders Brad and Cindy Carpenter’s overall company goal, they say, is to combine “a passion for Italy, the love of coffee, and the pursuit of making a difference in our communities.”

Clearly those in the Lacey neighborhood are excited about this mission for the new business in town. As in Italy, where forza means “strength,” local espresso shops define their communities, the Carpenters say, so they’re aiming to bring that blending of high-quality espresso products and great camaraderie in a unique fashion in Lacey, now, as well.

The opening, staged in conjunction with the Lacey Chamber of Commerce, was changed from its original time of 10 a.m. to commemorate the four fallen police officers murdered in a shooting spree at the Lakewood Forza several years ago.

That shop has recovered and more, and this one, too, will be a success, if Facebook has anything to do with it. The Lacey grand opening event page drew in 589 “likes,” and will be used, among other means, to update Friends with specials and promotions.