Former Tacoma Deputy Mayor Paul E. Miller has been named president and COO of LeMay-America's Car Museum.

He previously served as ACM's board chair and secretary prior to joining the museum in 2011 as vice president of operations.

“Paul’s promotion is well deserved and an investment in leadership for years to come,” said ACM CEO and former President David Madeira. “Paul has worked side-by-side with me and will take over the museum’s day-to-day administrative duties, allowing me to focus more on the Museum’s long-term strategic goals and partnerships.” 

Madeira praised Miller, a former Tacoma City Council member, as “instrumental” in managing the construction of the four-story, 165,000-square-foot museum. 

“Paul's strong organizational skills really helped move the project along,” Madeira said.

Miller will report to Madeira, who retains his role as CEO.