A brush fire that grew up a utility pole in eastern Puyallup last night has cut off an estimated 10,000 Comcast telephone and internet customers in eastern Pierce County.

A company spokesman reports progress in restoring connectivity is slow, but steady, on the repairs, with some customers back as early at noon.

The grass fire, that evidence suggests may have been started by fireworks, caught a hedge line of trees afire, which then melted together a bundle of fiber-optic lines. Each one must be individually spliced together, but Comcast linemen have been on the scene all day.

While reluctant to be more precise, the spokesman tweeted that they are hoping to have most customers connected again this afternoon.

City of Puyallup offices were isolated by the telecommunications interruption and many businesses, particularly along East Main Street, resorted to cell phones to reach customers, while their VOIP phones and email service was out.

You can follow the progress on Twitter  @Comcastwa