From May to June this year, the number of people working or looking for a job in Washington state dropped by 3,600 to just over 3.62 million. In the immediate Puget Sound market, the fall off was even higher at 4,900.

On a yearly comparison to the same point in 2015, however, the state’s labor force grew by 90,000 and metro Seattle-Bellevue-Everett increased by 26,300.

For all of these numbers, June’s unemployment rate remained steady at 5.8 percent for the seventh month in a row. The state has gained 96,900 jobs since June 2015 – one of the strongest performances nationwide, although the U.S. unemployment rate is a bit lower at 4.9 percent.

Private sector employment added 84,000 jobs (3.2%) over the 12 months, while government public sector jobs are up 12,900 or 2.3 percent over last year.

Three industry sectors with the largest jobs gain were Professional & business services, Construction, and Government. Leisure & Hospitality, followed by Education Health services lost the most.

You can see all the details in this new web display of labor market information.