Comcast announced today that it is more than doubling the speed of its “Performance 25” Xfinity® Internet tier for existing customers throughout Washington at no additional cost. 

Effective immediately, customers can now use download speeds of up to 55 Mbps on the rebranded “Performance Plus” tier.

“We’re always looking for more ways to add value for our customers we serve in Washington,” said Amy Lynch, regional senior VP of Comcast in Washington.

To receive the new internet speeds, most customers only need to re-set their modems by momentarily unplugging the equipment from the power outlet. 

Comcast will notify any customers who need to upgrade their equipment – those who currently have a modem from the company will not be charged to upgrade their equipment, while those who own their own equipment will need to either purchase new equipment or lease a modem from Comcast to receive the increased speeds.