With health insurance markets in relative disarray following moves from D.C., the Washington Health Benefit Exchange today announced that it will have more customer resources and assistance available than ever before to help people find and enroll in health coverage for 2018.

These additional resources, according to a release from the Exchange, will be available for the start of open enrollment tomorrow. This includes “Smart Planfinder,” a new decision-support tool on Washington Healthplanfinder that connects customers with plans that best fit their needs.

The tool customizes insurance seekers’ 2018 health plan choices based on personal factors including the types of prescription medicine they take, expected doctors’ visits during the year, and their preferred provider or hospital. The information used to tailor customer’s results is updated regularly and verified through outreach with providers and facilities in Washington state.

“Innovative tools like ‘Smart Planfinder’ make it easier for customers to find, review and enroll in the right coverage – coverage that meets their individual health needs,” said Pam MacEwan, CEO of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. “Washington Healthplanfinder remains the most trusted source for residents to reliably and accurately find coverage options. Customers should use the resources available to not only identify the best health and dental plans for themselves and their families, but to also have peace of mind that they have made the right choice.”

Customers should also expect a more mobile-friendly shopping experience during open enrollment, with Washington Healthplanfinder now designed to better accommodate those comparing and selecting plans on a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the Exchange unveiled WAPlanfinder, an app that allows customers to view their coverage from a mobile device. WAPlanfinder may be used to find nearby navigators, brokers, and in-person assistance sites.