During an appearance before today’s meeting at Rotary Club of Tacoma, former long-time 6th District Congressman Norm Dicks disagreed with today’s White House announcement abandoning the Paris climate agreement.

“This is a mistake” for President Trump to place our country among just three non-signing members of a climate control pact negotiated by his predecessor, Dicks offered. “The U.S. should be providing leadership” on environmental protections.

Dicks was challenged to comment on the difference in today’s political status in Washington, D.C., compared to what he faced as a member of Congress from 1977 to his retirement in 2012.

“This (national political situation) is difficult for all of us. (And) I’m hopeful that Congress and the White House can get back to the business of governing, while all the investigating (of possible Russian influence) goes forward,” Dicks says.

He lamented the loss of the “great middle ground” of past decades, where Democrats and Republicans would be able to find common agreements to resolve issues of the nation.

Dicks also lamented that “Puget Sound is in trouble environmentally” and the proposed next federal budget, which eliminated all EPA funding to work on stormwater inflows and other pollution problems, is going to make it even more difficult to resolve them.