The Washington Health Benefit Exchange has announced that as of this April, more than 204,000 Washington Healthplanfinder customers have enrolled in a 2017 Qualified Health Plan during the most recent open enrollment period.

That’s a 23 percent jump over the previous year, an increase touted by Washington Health Benefit Exchange Pam MacEwan as proof of the exchange’s success.  

 “Our continued enrollment growth is further evidence of the critical role Washington Healthplanfinder plays in connecting residents with health and dental coverage,” said MacEwan. “As the health insurance marketplace for one in four Washingtonians, we remain committed to providing access to affordable health care to everyone in Washington state.”

The recently released health coverage enrollment report from the Exchange also shows that since Washington Healthplanfinder went live in 2013, the insured rate has dropped from more than 13 percent to below six percent – the lowest rate in state history. And the number of customers enrolling in Qualified Health Plan without a tax credit increased by more than 35 percent over the previous year, with nearly 69,000 enrollees receiving no financial help. Non-subsidized enrollees represent 38 percent of Qualified Health Plan customers – the highest percentage of any enrollment period to date.

Also of note: A total of 23,502 customers enrolled in a Qualified Dental Plan, including 20,853 who selected a family plan during the first year those plans have been available through the Exchange. Of all Qualified Health Plan enrollees, 13 percent also enrolled in a Qualified Dental Plan for coverage in 2017.