The Washington Department of Ecology has approved the City of Lacey’s comprehensive update of its shoreline master program.

Lacey is one of 40 local governments that have updated their shoreline master program. The revised shoreline program combines local plans for future shoreline development and preservation with new shoreline development ordinances and related permitting requirements.
The city’s new shoreline master program will result in improvements in the protection, use, development and restoration of more than 3 miles of shorelines along Woodland Creek and Puget Sound.
The master program will also help enhance the water quality in Woodland Creek and Chambers, Hicks, Long, Pattison and Southwick lakes.
About 260 cities and counties statewide are in the process or soon will be updating or crafting their master programs during the next few years, under the state’s 1972 voter-approved Shoreline Management Act.
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