DuPont’s Alliance Enterprises, Inc., has announced the release of a new mobile app — a free companion to the company’s Web-based subscription software designed to help businesses manage their goals.

MyObjectives, now available on the Apple App Store, syncs to the company’s MyObjective suite, which gives employees “scorecards” for their objectives and provides executives with a clear view of their organization’s progress.

Using the mobile MyObjectives app, subscribers can quickly update the status of their objectives, view their team’s score in real time, adjust progress on objectives, and flag objectives that need to be discussed with teammates.

 “Our software is geared to unleash the power of the workforce by aligning teams around organization goals, driving up employee engagement and creating a culture of daily achievement,” said Chris M. Pieper, CEO of Alliance Enterprises. “We’re thrilled that our growing number of MyObjectives users can now make updates wherever they are and whenever they think about it.”

More mobile operating systems are on the way for the app.

“Mobile represents a big commitment to us,” said Jim Tobin, MyObjectives product manager. “So we’ll be releasing the companion app on additional mobile app stores soon. And we’ll keep adding additional targeted functionality to the app to increase its value to our customers.”