When investors are confused and looking for ways to make money, they may change the way they typically invest.

“It leads to some decisions about investing that just don’t make a lot of sense and could be very costly,” said Jon Duncan of Seneschal Advisors. “What comes out of the woodwork are these weird schemes.”

Duncan said “interesting” products, specifically annuities, are especially prevalent in a market where investors are confused and there are low interest rates.

Kevin Hasslinger, an adviser who works for Edward Jones, said the term “annuities” covers many products — and he does believe they have a role in investing.

“Annuities make great sense for a small percentage of someone’s portfolio,” he said.

But there are certain annuities he would not include.

“Any time we see a product giving us free bonuses or free increases or whatever it may be, I get concerned about that,” Hasslinger said. “We really need to understand the underlying part of the product that allows that to be provided to the client. In my practice, I avoid annuities that really entice or excite a client. It’s those pieces of the annuity that are least understood.”

Patricia Bliss of Bliss Investments said that while there are some “great annuity products,” her team also is concerned about some of ones available on the market.

“We think a slow steady increase during this period of time is a lot better plan than chasing those silver bullets that are out there,” she said. “The last three years have wiped out the easy money. Now what we are back to is a lot of hard work and due diligence to find what the opportunities are.”

Writer Breanne Coats can be reached at bcoats@BusinessExaminer.com.