Topia Technology is doubling down on its foray into cryptocurrency with the addition of entrepreneur Stan Larimer to its board of advisors.

The board was established to provide strategic counsel for TopiaCoin, Topia’s new cryptocurrency and the first secure network to be introduced into the blockchain community in 2019. Larimer is co-founder of BitShares, a platform blockchain technology, as well as president and co-founder of Cryptonomex, a software development services company providing blockchains and related technology. A release from Topia labeled Larimer a “digital currency guru.”

“Today, there is no real data security for blockchain-based applications and there is a huge need in the marketplace for a security layer,” said Larimer. “TopiaCoin will be the first to market with military-grade security and this will bring great value to the blockchain and BitShares community. I am excited to be involved with Topia Technology, a well-established company that is really going to make a world of difference in the future of blockchain through the introduction of TopiaCoin.”

“Stan will be a tremendous ally and we are thrilled to have him join our team,” said Janine Terrano, CEO, Topia Technology. “Not only is he the Godfather of BitShares, a community that is very important to us, he also understands the security gap that we are filling for blockchain-based applications. BitShares is expanding rapidly and we want to contribute to that growth through TopiaCoin.”