A former chief executive of The Rescue Mission in Tacoma nominated Sue Horgen for 2017 South Sound Financial Executive of the Year recognition. 

Pierce County Assessor Mike Lonergan says, “She has been a steady hand the board and staff can always count on, through the terms of four executive directors.”

Horgen’s answer to a question about what excites her about her job was: “I am organized, sequential and disciplined. Everything in life doesn’t line up in perfect order, but many things can, if they are approached in the right way.”

For most of the past 17 years, she has been senior director of finance and administration for this non-profit shelter and feeding program that serves many of the community’s most needy homeless residents. And the mission means a lot to this financials-focused specialist.

“Numbers are more than figures on a page, in a bank account or on a spreadsheet,” Horgen says. “They represent people, programs, and can even play a role in changing a life for the better.”

You can meet Sue Horgen and the other 13 finalists for South Sound Financial Executives of the Year on Wednesday, April 26, for a luncheon beginning at 11:30 a.m. in Historic 1625 Tacoma Place. Tickets are available here.