Today’s report from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows higher energy prices and all other consumer items outpaced a decline in the food index in June. 

In the Tacoma-Seattle-Bremerton marketplace, consumer prices for urban wage earners and clerical works have risen 2 percent from June 2015 to last month. Nationally, the index is up less than half that — just 0.6 percent — for the average of all U.S. cities.

The CPI index for all items less food and energy nationally rose 0.2 percent in the month of June. The shelter index (housing costs) rose 0.3 percent, along with gains in medical care, education, airline fares, motor vehicle insurance and recreation. Only in indexes for used vehicles, apparel, communications and household furnishings were declines noted last month.

You can read the regional data at this link and the national summary for CPI adjustments in June is found here.