The Rasmussen Consumer Index, which measures the economic confidence of consumers on a daily basis, fell three points today to 70.6 – the lowest level of confidence measured since last September and just one point above the lowest level measured during the past two years.

The Consumer Index is down 12 points from a week ago, down 12 points from a month ago and down 20 points from three months ago. Just 21 percent of respondents now believe the economy is getting better, while 60 percent think it is getting worse. That’s a much more pessimistic assessment than was found at the beginning of the year. The first 2011 update found 30 percent of respondents thought the economy was getting better while 45 percent said the opposite.

Closer to home, just 17 percent now say their own finances are getting better. Fifty-four percent say they are getting worse.

The Conference Board will issue its monthly assessment of consumer confidence tomorrow.